Equipment Financing

  • Are you passing up on money you could be making in your business if you just had that additional piece of equipment?
  • Are you running into limits on the financing banks will offer you because you have multiple equipment loans or you’ve maxed out your borrowing capacity?
  • Do you own a fleet of trucks and want to finance additional rigs without it showing up on your credit report?
  • Are you a dealer who couldn’t finance a buyer in house and still want to help the buyer get that equipment?
  • Are you a single owner / operator with good to lousy credit that wants to upgrade or get into the business?

Good.  Because You’re in the Right Place

At Brahma Lending and Leasing we are able to help you get financing on virtually any type of equipment starting at $20,000 all the way into the millions.  It’s nice if you have good credit, and we can still make it happen if your credit is down in the dumps.

Unlike traditional lenders who usually have strict credit rules and very limited loan products, we have relationships with dozens of lenders all across the country.  With very affordable rates and terms, and your own personal finance agent to take you from start to money, we make this process simple and fast for you.  We can even help you get financing for, and walk you through the extras like titling, registration, insurance and warranties.  There’s no more guess work when you work with us.

Many of our happy customers were turned down by banks and other lenders in the past, and today they’re driving down the road and making money.  Others couldn’t get additional credit because they had maxed out their borrowing limits.  And now with Brahma’s equipment leasing, they are growing again.

When time is of the essence, and you need money yesterday to grow your company, call us, we can help!

The bottom line is that if it’s possible for you to get money, we’ll help you get it.  If you require financing to grow your company, click right now on the contact us link and find out how we can help you today.  We are your one stop finance solution for growing your business needs, call us today.  We are ready to help.

At Brahma Lending and Leasing, we help companies get money fast!