Cash Advance

Do you need a cash advance loan for your business? If you are in a serious situation and you need cash today, Brahma Lending & Leasing can provide a cash advance. We know small and medium-sized businesses can have cash-flow problems from time to time and need help to improve inventory or pay their employees.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance Loan?

We recommend using a merchant cash advance loan if you need to acquire equipment, pay employees, or handle serious financial problems. We can provide up to $250,000 to you within 5-7 business days. Once you are approved for a loan, you will agree to sell your business’ future card sales. We will provide you with a lump sum of cash you can use to improve your savings account balance. You will choose a certain percentage that you can use to determine how much you can reasonably afford to repay.

Understanding Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is not something that will last for a long time. The more you use the cash, the easier it is for us to approve you for a loan. A portion of credit card sales will be used to ensure the upfront costs never fail.

Choose Brahma Lending & Leasing

At Brahma Lending & Leasing, we are committed to keeping your paperwork amount to a minimum. If you would like to find out how much money your business will qualify for, contact Brahma Lending & Leasing.

Applying for a Loan

Use our online loan calculator to find out our lending options to determine what you can afford. We will have a Brahma Lending & Leasing agent contact you pertaining to your cash advance loan. For more information about commercial cash advance loans, contact Brahma Lending & Leasing today!